Most Instagrammable Cocktails You Can Find In Mumbai


It’s nice to have an Instagram feed that’s worth being envied. And there’s a short cut to that. Great pictures of gorgeous cocktails. These stunning drinks from across Mumbai bars are such a visual treat that drinking them will give you pangs of guilt.

Oriental Passion at The Daily : Inspired by a key ingredient of oriental cuisine – kaffir lime, this cocktail is breathtaking. Made with vodka, basil and passion fruit, this drink is then given a dramatic appearance with kaffir lime smoke through dry ice. So smokey, so dreamy.


Sunset at Carter’s, Masala Bar: An almond foam layered on a whiskey and rosemary orange concoction, this drink is the prettiest whiskey-based cocktail Mumbai has to offer. The best part is it truly does look like the sun setting on the ocean. Snap it at the backdrop of the beautiful Carter Road sunset and you are all set.

Masala Bar Social Media

Smoking Cosmopolitan at Joss: Oh, it’s just your ordinary Cosmopolitan. Except that it comes with cocktail-scented smoke. In a smoking pipe. Talk about piping hot.


Molecular DSLR at MRP: Vodka, fresh litchi, passion fruit puree, coconut milk and litchi caviar. Intrigued? Hold on. This fine fruity drink comes in a camera lens-shaped glass – sold on it now?

MRP Social Media

Lighthouse at Pa Pa Ya: Pa Pa Ya has aced molecular cuisine and their Lighthouse cocktail is where they bring all the finesse to the table. This beautiful lemongrass-infused vodka cocktail comes in an actual light bulb and will light up your social media feed.

Pa Pa Ya Social Media