Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The Globe

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The alcohol industry today is super dynamic. Every day, there is a new trend, an innovative drink being launched and becoming popular overnight. Some of these are cool, some of them will make you go whaaa, and some are just downright obnoxious. Here we do a weekly round-up that will sum up the major boozy events and trends that happen across your city and globe. Enjoy!

Desi news:

Bad time for drinkers in Tamil Nadu: If you were too comfortable with affordable booze in Tamil Nadu, congratulations! Aapki lag chuki hai. After three long years, Tamil Nadu government is increasing alcohol prices. You will have to pay an extra levy of 10 rupees on beer and 12 rupees on hard liquor. We’re so sorry!


Mumbai gets it first stadium-themed bar: If you are looking for a spacious bar with some chill vibes and a sporty ambience, head to the Stadium Bar at Goregaon West. The first of its kind, this place offers some good live music and entertainment.


Head to The Stadium Bar

Videsi News

 The Fireball Bagel: Many know the feeling of waking up only to regret the Fireball shots they took ruthlessly last night. To take it a notch higher, The Bagel Nook, a bagel shop in Freehold, New Jersey is serving Fireball bagels.
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Hangover free Prosecco is now a thing: That one day of Christmas vacation, when you are dying because of a hangover and the resentment of hogging all that Prosecco, might never happen again. Lidl is launching an organic version of this celebratory drink which doesn’t give you that dizzy feeling the next morning.


The Drunk Duo: What happens when you pour some liquor for Ryan Gosling and Harrison before Blade Runner 2049 promotions? You get absolutely filter-free interactions. In Allison Hammond’s interview with the stars for their recently released movie, they have unveiled a little bit too much than they should have. Booze does wonders, eh?