5 Weirdest ‘Chakna’ Ideas Inspired By True Events

If alcohol is Karan, ‘chakna’ is Arjun (No offense Bhai fans); Chakna is Robin to a tall and handsome glass of scotch that’s as awesome as Batman! Chaknas totally deserve a post, so here we list out some of the weirdest chakna ideas. Fair warning: We said weirdest. Could be anything, edible or inedible! But most of these have been inspired by true events. So here goes:

Eggs: You many think what’s weird about it! We shall walk you through this. Power was gone for like 5 hours, all we have is an induction stove which obviously can’t be operated without electricity, and we are super tipsy! All we had was eggs and we couldn’t get out! Yep! You guessed it right. Raw eggs!


Paan: I don’t know where these morons get such ideas from. Paan with alcohol? Won’t your mouth explode? *judgmental eye rolls*


Rice: Raw rice? As chakna? Taking the idea of ‘crispy’ too seriously, aren’t ya jerks? This, we can still approve though.


Cooked Maggi Fried Again: The person involved in this advernture ruined Maggi for us forever! Well done! NOT!


Chalk: Yup, the crazy has just started. Our dearest friend, who we think is a creep now, ate half a box of chalk while drinking. That’s almost ten of them. No, she isn’t dead. Yes, that bitch says she would try it again! Brave, eh?


Brick: This is the first cousin of chalk. The sport who tried this could only eat three centimeters of it. Because, fucker almost lost his entire tooth!


Tamarind Leaves: This is a wild case! This well wisher, of all chakna lovers, was in Coorg and since he couldn’t find anything else to chew on, he grabbed what nature offered him. Tasted bang on, apparently!


Anything Dipped In Schezwan Chatni: All hail the mother of all! Schezwan Sauce! You can dip a piece of chocolate or a piece of pencil led into it, and it will taste fantastic!

Alert: These stunts were performed during extremely drunk situations only! Please don’t imitate when sober.