What The Friends Gang Would Call For At A Bar


There are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who love Friends and cold-hearted machines. I love Friends so much that even after decades, I still watch that show religiously. I know the background scores and side characters by heart, but I can’t quit. So, based on my obsession with the show, I guessed what they would call for if they are at a bar.

Joey Tribbiani: Joey, being the biggest foodie world Television has ever seen, will probably focus on the munchies and finger food a lot more. But, hands down, he’d be downing beers in no time. Beer and pizza are as important as water and oxygen to him.


Rachel Green: She’s posh, fancy and dramatic as heck. And I have a feeling that if you give her anything with an exotic name and a shocking price tag, she will be more than happy. She might stay away from vodka since she almost became Mrs.Geller after Vegas.


Monica Geller: This chef has a thing for ‘high maintenance’ stuff, so obviously fancy champagnes and wines are more than welcome. But, she won’t mind a cheap domestic beer either. Richard taught us she likes whisky on the rocks with a twist (on a coaster, of course). Classy lady! Anything else with diet coke, please.


Phoebe Buffay: This woman made us fall in love with her quirks and would probably drink anything with a history. For instance, tell her how tequila is a historically relevant liquor, and you will see her go gaga. However, mimosas during vacation seems to be her favourite.


Chandler Bing: The man of wits and defensive sarcasm, is also a fan of beer, just like any other bachelor who lived NYC at that time. He may have picked up some wine tendencies when he started dating Monica. But any booze with some Baywatch should make him happy. He isn’t trustworthy around jello shots though.


Ross Geller: Margaritas are his favourite. His friends can count on him if they need ingredients to make a margarita. He’s “finnneee” when he’s having margaritas. Vodka also works like magic on him, so much so that he married his ex in Vegas. Talk about lack of capacity!