Why Every Employer Should Offer The Interviewee A Glass Of Beer


Here’s my logic. Job interviews are a tricky affair. The employer wants his potential employee to be at his/her genuine best at the interview. But what occurs is the exact opposite. They are probably at their fake best. So here’s an idea, how about you place a glass of beer in front of them?

It lightens the mood: Duh, isn’t that obvious. People get super nervous around employers, especially with the ones they really badly want to impress. Surprise them by placing a glass of beer right in front of them. They will either freak out or be excited as all hell. Both ways, you will end up laughing. See, best way to lighten up.



Both of you can drink: Well it’s beer, and you have placed one glass in front of somebody, the most natural next step is grabbing one for yourself too. You both get to drink beer, so it’s a win win.

You come across as cool: You could be the most dull human being to walk the earth ever, but you will still be perceived as a cool, chill boss by all these people. Such news catches on like wild fire and you’re probably going to have more people wanting to work for you than ever before.

You may make friends: Mark my words, some of the strongest friendships are founded on beer cans and puke. So, in this exchange of otherwise boring information, you may actually end up finding someone like-minded. You can choose not to employ them, but you can certainly bond later.


Your life is a lot easier: I am not asking you to be drunk at work, but I think after 3 pints of beer you are a much better human being than the sober you. Interviewing dozens of people could be boring, but drinking beer is not. So, yeah!