Year-End Roundup: Best Rums Of 2017

2017 is about to end and we are surrounded by award ceremonies of all sorts. Amongst the noise and bling of best dressed, best looking, most fashionable awards, there took place another ceremony – World Rum Awards! You heard that right, it exists and the results are just in. Here we list out the top 5 Rums of the world, so that maybe, some day, you can actually try something different and worth it!

Best Rum of 2017

Lo and behold, the best rum of 2017 award goes to, *drum roll* Mutineers Gold XO Special Reserve rum. From the house of St. Vincent Distillers, this oak and vanilla flavoured rum is aged for 12 years and comes with an ABV of 40%. It’s raw and fruity and would cost you around Rs 2,000 per 750 ml bottle. We do understand that it’s a bit expensive for rum, but hey, it’s the best damned rum in the whole wide world.

Best Dark Rum of 2017

Bundaberg Distillers’ Collection Solera has won the very prestigious Best Dark Rum Of 2017 award. This drink is so autumnal that the judges described the flavours as “very oaky with notes of pimento, log fires and dried leaves”. This one is a tad bit more expensive with a price tag of 5 digits, but it’s apparently the distillery’s masterpiece.

Best Flavoured Rum of 2017

Spirits of Old Man by Rum Project One won the Best Flavoured Rum award and rightfully so! With a soft coconut flavour, it reminds you of a quality grain whisky. Priced at an affordable Rs 3,600, this spirit comes in pretty badass packaging too.

Best Spiced Rum of 2017

Who knew the best spiced rum could be chocolate flavoured! Ableforth’s Rumbullion XO 15 Years Old earned the award because it smells of rum, while reminding you of chocolate paired with eucalyptus. We also think that crazy halloween-y bottle is award worthy for sure.

Best White Rum of 2017

Good ol’ Old Captain Caribbean White Rum took home the best white rum awards. When a rum names itself Caribbean, it has to be impressively good and this one promises good feel, some cream soda and banana foam notes. We love that it’s also priced pretty affordably! Way to go, Captain!