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Oktoberfest – The Origin Story

Looking back at the origins of the Oktoberfest and the journey over the years. It’s that time of the year when every beer enthusiast celebrates...

Drunkcations Around The World You Need To Take ASAP

If you’re always looking out for scenic destinations to travel to, new experiences and most importantly, to get happy drunk in new cities -...

Delicious Drunk Foods Around The World

There’s nothing like coming home from a night of revelry and binge-drinking with friends and hogging on your drunk food of choice. People around...

Weird Drinking Laws Around The World

In India, we generally crib about how the age limit to drink is 25 years or needing a license to drink in Gujarat, but...

The New Cool: Around The world In Craft Beers

With places like Doolally and White Owl brewery opening their outlets in Mumbai, the city is well and truly embraced craft beer. But craft...
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Boozy Ice Cream Places In Mumbai

Today, we're talking about ice cream and if you’ve been keeping track of what we’re all about, then you know what's next....

3 Popular Beers at Doolally


Ariess Café

There are times when bars in this city leave you pleasantly surprised, and there are most times when they offer nothing new, leaving you...


The Bombay Canteen

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Reunion Bar & Kitchen