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Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings From Around The World

The world’s certainly in high spirits and we bring you the latest happenings in the alcohol world, from around the globe. Desi News Per capita alcohol...

Spicy Cocktails From Around India That You Must Try

Spicy cocktails are here to stay. If you are someone, who has no understanding of the enchanting world of mixology, let me break it...

The 5 Oldest Bars In The World

Old bars are really cool - they’ve got history, personality and they do what they do goddamn well. What better way to get started...

The Top 5 Bars In The World 2017

Every year, over 500 cocktail experts come together to rank and rate bars from across the world (in 25 cities this year) for World’s...

Seeking Soju: 5 Places In India To Find Korea’s Favourite Liquor

It’s very well known that my love for Korean food and drinks is undying.  I could live on kimchi, noodle soup and soju. Soju...

Must-Visit Places To Enjoy Sunday Drunch In Mumbai

With the city offering some of the best grub with unlimited liquor, Sunday afternoons undoubtedly call for going to drunch with your pals. So,...

What Every Ladies’ Night Is Like

Ah, ladies' night! The one time in the week when women on a budget can go wild, where there are no rules except getting...

Best Places in Mumbai To Get Sangria

While the city pubs and eateries have a long way to go when it comes to raising their sangria game, we have zeroed in...
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4 Ways To Drink Your Whisky

There’s a reason that whiskey is called - the water of life. Champagne is for celebrations, while wine is...


Ariess Café

There are times when bars in this city leave you pleasantly surprised, and there are most times when they offer nothing new, leaving you...


The Bombay Canteen

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Reunion Bar & Kitchen