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5 Disturbing Shots You Should Make For A Mortal Enemy

I'm not one to shy away from trying unconventional foods and drinks but I am also a firm believer in not mixing mayonnaise with...

8 Unique Vodka Bottles To Add To Your Collection

Presentation is imperative when it comes to liquor, it's the first thing that catches your eye. And if you're a vodka fan, you'll know...

5 Unusual Cocktail Recipes To Experiment With

I love a good cocktail, but what I love more is a strange cocktail. You get to experiment, figure out what flavours work and...

5 Weird Alcohol Flavours You’ve Got To Try

I'm actually pretty experimental when it comes to alcohol, I'll try anything and everything at least once but sometimes, even I have my doubts....

Weird Drinking Laws Around The World

In India, we generally crib about how the age limit to drink is 25 years or needing a license to drink in Gujarat, but...
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Food Trucks Galore At Bar Bank, Juhu

Right across the sea is a bank that you’d be proud to have an account with. Mumbai’s newest concept bar, from the makers of...


Ariess Café

There are times when bars in this city leave you pleasantly surprised, and there are most times when they offer nothing new, leaving you...


The Bombay Canteen

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