Don’t Call Yourself A Sake Enthusiast Until You Have Tried These Five Brands

Any spirit will be at its finest when it is from its country of origin. So obviously, you will find the coolest sakes in Japan. A web-source based out of Japan ranked the finest sakes in the country and the list will intrigue you.

Kubota: Nigata

Kubota is a popular name in the brewing industry and they are known for their impeccable standards. It’s often recognized as the most premium quality sake and the price is quite reasonable. It’s dry when served cold and soft when heated.

Dassai: Yamaguchi

Why drink only one sake when you can have two? Yamaguchi is like a really nice blend of two sakes. One is raw and one is pressurized to ensure that it gets deep and unique flavors. This stands out from the pack with its complexity.

Isojiman: Shizuoka

This is Japan’s masterpiece. An artwork from the premium brewery Shizuoka, this is only made from one peculiar type of rice. A hint of sweetness in the beginning and with a strong finish, this is what you call a spectacular spirit.

Hiroki: Fukushima

We have to mention a raw sake, because they are very different from the popular pressurized ones. It’s prepared by not killing the bacteria in the sake during the bottling process. It can only be served cold and needs to consumed immediately after opening. However, the hit of aroma that comes when you pop the bottle is worth it.

Juyondai: Yamagata

Purely based on rice quality and fermentation process, Juyondai is pretty much the highest ranked sake brand of all. The bottle is gorgeous and the sweet aroma similar to vanilla makes it a smooth drink.