Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is no less than an icon for whisky lovers. And in India, it enjoys this regal, elite status. There’s no doubt that JD is one of the best whiskies you could have if you are someone who appreciated quality. And here are five things that make Jack Daniel’s even more special.

It hails from the oldest distillery in the US: There is a certain controversy surrounding the same, but Jack Daniel’s claims that they are the oldest registered distillery, having registered in 1866, by a teenage Jack Daniel. By the way, Jack Daniel was a person.

It’s a Tennessee Whiskey: Most of the whisky drinkers know that JD is a Tennessee. But what exactly is it? Jack Daniel’s had been in the market for eight decades already when the government identified Tennessee as a separate category. This craft is painstakingly long, the spirit is filtered through layers of sugar-maple charcoal and then filtered through white wool. That’s what gives JD the complex flavours.

Nobody knows what the No.7 represents: Jack Daniel’s is the largest selling American spirit by value. Although people have documented its history pretty widely, nobody really knows what the No.7 on the bottle stands for. There are many rumours though, the wildest one being Jack had seven girlfriends.

Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of JD: We all know that one friend, who is crazy about Jack Daniel’s. Although you’ll find it a little overwhelming, it really isn’t as intense as American singer Frank Sinatra’s love for it. He was buried with a full bottle of JD! Dean Martin once wrote, “I love Vegas like Sinatra loves Jack Daniel’s.” Looks like it was every bit true.

Lemmy should be your new favourite cocktail: If you walk into a bar and order a Lemmy, and if the bartender picks up his tools without looking clueless, you can be sure that he knows what he’s doing. A coke and Jack is called a Lemmy, and it’s obviously frigging good!