Five Whisky Infused Coffees You Must Try

A cup of coffee can solve a hundred problems. A glass of whisky can work the same magic. Bring them together and bam, you get the best remedy to beat any blues. Here are the five coolest whisky flavoured coffees you should try.

Black Powder Roasting

This hand-crafted artisan coffee brand has excelled in bringing out the best qualities of coffee and whisky. There’s no evident boozy aftertaste, but it manages to give you a nice, mouthful of bourbon flavour. The manufacturers have hand selected beans from Costa Rica and then infused it with Kentucky bourbon. Talk about quality!

Jim Beam – Original Bourbon-Flavored Coffee

Tailor-made for cappuccino lovers, this brand successfully blends chocolate and cinnamon flavours with Jim Beam. Their coffee beans are from the house of Kahlua and the quality makes it a very good choice for cocktails.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky Coffee

Anything that’s made at the house of JD has to be kickass. With notes of vanilla, caramel and brown sugar, JD whisky shines through this coffee. With medium roast 100% Arabica beans, this coffee is perfect for an espresso.

Whisky Barrel Coffee – Blacksmith Espresso

With a very subtle bourbon aftertaste, this full-beans version makes for very creamy coffee. This brand has a very unique process where they handpick coffee beans, store them in bourbon barrels and age it till the coffee absorbs flavour. Get your hands on their moonshine flavor, it’s quite special.

Fire Department Coffee – Bourbon Infused

It’s bold, strong and overwhelming. If you are looking for a coffee that would speak for itself, this is an apt choice. Founded by Illinois firefighters, each batch of coffee comes with its details on the label. This might not be the ideal brand to make an espresso so mellow it down with milk and sugar and let the bourbon do all the work for you.