Theme Park Bars That Will Blow Your Mind

Some may say that getting drunk in a theme park isn’t a very smart idea. There are enough things there that can make you feel nauseous, question your choices and even bring out the worst in you. But we think theme parks would be a hella lot more fun if there’s a liquor. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how awesome these theme park bars are:

Hog’s Head Pub, Universal Studios – Florida

One of those extremely rare cases where an open pub in a public place works smoothly and efficiently. With a giant stuffed Hog on the main wall, they stay very true to the name and is an absolute dream come true for Harry Potter fans. They serve some really cool drinks such as fire whiskey, the cinnamon liquor from HP books, and has several magic-themed cocktails. Did I tell you the Hog’s head also snorts?

La Cava del Tequila, Epcot – Orlando

Epcot is known for its extravagant food pavilions, however, Le Cava de Tequila takes the crown.  If you are a tequila lover, this is a paradise for you. Walk into the ancient temple into a very Mexican carnival to avail 200 different kinds of tequila, beer and wines. Visit this place once you are done with everything else because once you go tequila, there’s no going back.

Moe’s Tavern, Universal Studios – Florida

The Simpsons had the most relatable drinking scenes ever and Universal studios has captured the essence of the fictional Moe’s Tavern very realistically. There’s Barney and Lover Tester in there. And their Flaming Moe drink is quite lit!

Nomad Lounge and Cocktail Bar, Animal Kingdom – Florida

Who would have thought a theme park bar can exude so much class? Nomad lounge looks like a posh, fine-dine bar where a drink would cost an arm and leg. Apart from the killer view, they are also known for their exotic cocktails inspired by Asia, Africa and South America continents. Now that we think about it, a cocktail is a pretty good representation of a culture, isn’t it?

Full Throttle Sports Bar, Six Flags Magic Mountain – Valencia

Lovers of sports bars, don’t be disappointed. Full Throttle Sports Bar at Six Flags Magic Mountain is your dream destination! They have 30 HDTVs playing different games and a humongous scoreboard of TVs hanging from the ceiling. Their Southern California sports team memorabilia is a treasure. Also, they also serve insanely good seasonal brews.