Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The World


We’ve been gone for a while, but we are back with the weekly round-up of the most interesting Unsobered happenings around the world. Here we bring you, events that captured our attention:

Desi News

Bad time for Delhi liquor sales: It’s a bad time to be a nightlife enthusiast in Delhi or Gurgaon. Thanks to new excise policy and licence norms, there is an increased scarcity of liquor supply in these. According to Rahul Singh, president of the National Restaurant Association of India and owner of the Beer Café, “We are working with various state governments and we are going through a tough time, especially in states like Delhi, UP and Haryana”. Our prayers are with you, Delhi.


E-Commerce to dominate the liquor market: United Spirits Limited, the world’s second largest spirit company by volume, has started talks with the government to see how they can tap the potential in E-Commerce and liquor in India. While the concern of underage liquor purchasing is very real, the brand is hopeful that they can work out something that would make online purchasing of alcohol easier. We are hopeful too!


Videsi News

The goodness of white wine and beer in one drink:  When liquor brands get experimental, the results are mostly amazing. As a part of a series of collaborations between several leading U.K. brewers, Curious Brewery in Ashford, Kent has developed a recipe that allows drinkers to experience a combination of sour ale and Chardonnay. Interestingly named Curioser & Curiouser Chapter 1, there are 1,500 limited edition bottles of this unique brew that bring together wild fermented Chardonnay and Bacchus Sour Ale. Fancy schmancy!


Aiming sky high for space beer: In an intriguing venture between the Sydney and Denver-based space engineering company Sabre Astronautics and the Australian craft brewery 4 Pines, Vostok Space Beer is raising funds through a crowd-funding platform to develop a beer good enough to be consumed in space. For the beer to be consumable in zero gravity, it needs to suit the changed physiology of a human body and also has to be stored in a special bottle.  However, they require a million “earth dollars” to develop this dream beer and they could really use the help of beer enthusiasts! Our best wishes are with you.


World’s leading bartender curates the ultimate bar in London: The iconic Brown’s Hotel London has reopened with a newly designed and relaunched Donovan Bar. The celebrated mixologist Salvatore Calabrese has been appointed as the resident drinks maestro. He was in charge of curating a new cocktail menu that includes signature and vintage creations from his 40-year-long career. A must-visit when you are in London.