Juhu has always been one of the major party spots in the city. The newly opened, ‘A Bar Called Life’, is a swanky new drinking joint that has popped up in place of Villa 69, and its replacement truly lives up to the phrase “All that glitters is not gold”.

The place greeted us with a warm welcome via their receptionist, who made sure that we could step in only after our bags were raided by the security, making us feel like *ahem* immigrants who’ve just landed in the US of A.

The moment you enter, it feels like the chamber of secrets; and we almost got lost before we could get our bearings right about the space. But little did we know that this rather convoluted beginning, amid the pretty dangling lights from the ceiling, was leading to an outdoor seating which looked nothing short of paradise. Comprising green grass walls, dim lights, an artificial rainbow that looked a million dollars, a unicorn statue, majestic chairs, brightly lit tables and some rather laid back seating, the eyegasm suddenly got our expectations shooting off the roof!

As soon as the food menu arrived, I started looking for some variety in their veg section, where only Paneer Angara (INR 275) seemed appealing enough to please my taste buds. But hell no! The under-cooked paneer with extra salt and lime was definitely not what I meant when I spoke about ‘pleasing’ my taste buds.

A point to be noted is their array of innovative cocktails that leave you enticed and confused at the same time. So after brainstorming for almost half an hour, we finally ordered Gulabo (INR 350), a mix of two spirits; white wine and vodka, with a mellow touch of campari, topped with some cotton-candy, and ‘Saeb Chini’ (INR 350) – a blend of apple juice, fennel seeds and cinnamon infused in whiskey.

These cocktails that we thought were alluring going by their description, arrived at a lightning speed only to disenchant our taste buds and dampen our expectations. The cotton candy on ‘Gulabo’ was facing an existential crisis; even the bar-tender was clueless as to what purpose the candy-floss served. Later we realized that it was to neutralize the unpleasant bitter taste after you sip on the pink drink. ‘Saeb Chini’ too, was mediocre in taste just like its name, with no flavor of the apple juice and fennel seeds whatsoever, and a cinnamon stick floating for a reason best known to God.

After the dismay, we moved on to the basics and ordered some whiskey which made up for the experience we had so far with the food and cocktails. So the deal with the competitively priced alcoholic beverages, are prices starting as low as Rs. 50 per drink each evening at 6:00 p.m, and rising every hour, until 11 pm.

When everything seemed to be falling apart, the groovy music was a big silver lining if there ever was one, and instantly fixed my mood with the amazing playlist. How I wish that was the case with their food and drinks too.

With its classy fine-dining interior, props for the selfie obsessed and a peaceful open air seating to catch up, this place seems like it’s here to stay but not flourish. The only thing that lives up to its larger than life name is its outdoor seating. Otherwise, this ‘life’ isn’t the most exciting…

Where? 30, Devle Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Cuisine: Finger Food, Modern Indian
Food you must try: Bhoot Wings, Italian Buratta
Cocktails you must try: Gulabo, Angoori Madira
Kind of music played here: Pop
Is there a dance floor? Yes
Avg Price per head: Rs 1000/-