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Andheri is a cool suburb, okay? You can cover your snooty ears all you want when I proudly state that Andheri has got some of the coolest eateries in the entire city. Yes, and that includes the problematic union territory of Mumbai, called Bandra. But the place we are going to deal with here is not one of the better places…

Bora Bora, off link road in Andheri West is a place you could visit when you run out of options, just like I did. When you are someone who’s just crossed the ultimate 21 mark and half your circle is still stuck at the very confusing 20, the biggest disadvantage is that you don’t get to visit all the big daddy bars in Mumbai. After being rejected without an ID at Glocal and BSE, we had to settle for Bora Bora.

This place is spacious as hell. Enough legroom and big tables where you don’t have to sit with half your bum on the edge, making it feel like a rare luxury. The music was mellow that night, and we could hear each other murmuring curses under our breath, still upset from the on-the-face rejection from multiple, potentially cooler places.

The food is decent, except for their Arrabbiata Pasta, which was more than just a turnoff. They have a bunch of interesting sounding beers and cocktails on their menu, but nothing exceptional for the taste buds. My friend sent back a beer because it wasn’t cold enough, but I strongly suspect he was just being a dickhead for no reason.
The waiters will smile at you nicely, but somehow you’ll become invisible to them every time you want a refill or another round of fries. Err… Hello? I still exist!

The problem with this place is the lack of a USP. Something offbeat that could sell Bora Bora. May be some kickass music, live gigs, a standout menu, some really hot waiters (hey, I am just throwing ideas at ya) or an out and out cool bar section. You have the spot, and you have the space. Please try and be The Thing, please?

Also, about the clean huge doors, stick some posters on it, will ya? Someone might ram into it otherwise. (No, I am not talking about myself, how dare you?).

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