Brings Heisenberg back in your life, but doesn’t quite blow your mind like the show did

As you walk in to Bulldog’s, be prepared to miss your favorite drug drama series, apart from being subjected to a lot of England, and a milkman-esque bicycle perched on their wall…

If you’ve ever been a fan of wrestling, the name “British Bulldog” would ring a bell. Bulldog’s may just be as big as a wrestling ring in terms of its square area, but it sure does pack a punch or two. Yep, Bulldog’s ends even before you enter.

So the first thing you notice (and you barely just manage to because of the fucked up lighting), is that the guys at Bulldog’s are fans of Breaking Bad. Be it the Heisenberg graffiti on the wall behind their bar, or the ‘Bacon Bad’ dish that sits atop their menu, or Bryan Cranston flaunting his white underwear (from that famous pilot episode) outside their washroom.

Now now now… Or rather No no no… Unfortunately, they have a common washroom, and with that, we quash all your hopes of expecting to see a hot girl in an underwear outside their ladies closet. (If only they had one, no?) They have a theme to follow you know, so they went for Walter in his “White” briefs.

To be drunk honest, the place is really too small to be experimenting with more than one theme. So while they remind you again and again of how awesome the show was and how much you miss it, they have a lot of British elements splashed on their walls as well, and for some reason, a milkman-esque Bicycle too. Did we miss a connection somewhere? Go there and figure…

Won’t take you long to realize that their food menu is overpowered with Burgers. We went for one of their mini burgers, and when it arrived, all we could see was a bed of finely cut French fries. Look carefully inside that basket and you’ll go “Oh there it is”. As puny as the little bastard was, it sure was worth the shot.

The music here is loud, so be prepared to see the waiters come as close to your face as fuck (if you’re the one ordering), just like the cop waiting to do the same at his naka bandi not too far away from here.

There’s something about Bulldog’s that makes you like the place though. But at the same time, and since we’re on the topic of Breaking Bad, there’s nothing “Breaking” about this place, and neither is it too Bad. A good pub hopping hole at best.

So go drink here, pop their burger tablets and bark like a Bulldog if you may – but don’t drink and drive for reasons other than that cop and his naka bandi.

Where? Veera Desai Road, Mhada Colony, Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102


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