Where the overwhelming golden ambiance will make you feel like Hrithik in Mohenjo Daro

We chose to catch PV Sindhu’s historic olympic gold medal match with drinks by our side and a bunch of drunkards to make noise with us. The evening turned out to be a damp squib, and it had nothing to do with the fact that our champion lost the match that night. Read on…

India was on the brink of its second Olympic medal at Rio. What better way to catch it than on a giant projector screen in a bar, with drinks by your side and a bunch of drunk fucks to make noise with you. Sounds just perfect, right? But what were the chances of anything that night being even close to perfect?

Copa was the unfortunate destination that we chose to welcome the glorious moment, but as we already indicated, the decision turned out to be a sin(dhu). Let’s revisit the unsatisfactory experience from the start, shall we?

Barely 10 minutes inside Copa, and we were overwhelmed by the splashed golden hues that evidently surrounded us. So much so, that we began to feel like Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro. Paint the picture in your head…

Speaking of Mohenjo Daro, there’s a giant ass table inside this bar that requires you to sit on swings which look like they’ve been magically transported from the Indus Valley civilization to the fucked up civilization we live in today. What’s the deal with that?

The swings didn’t succeed in giving even an ounce of an impression of looking comfortable. In fact, it took us all of three seconds to realize that we were least interested to perch our babies on that base. *Kyunki, Booty Ko Base Pasand Nahin”

Alright, coming to why we were there in the first place. The shuttle was being smashed from one end of the court to the other, fired by adrenaline pumping energy from both players. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the atmosphere in the bar at that point. We were well into the third set, and the only people watching the match with us were waiters dressed in annoyingly blue jumpsuits.

The big screen (devoid of audio company) looked so insipid. We’d rather have just imagined the match play out in our heads, and we’d have been more happy. I mean seriously guys, my graduation classroom used better projectors… At least get your act together at a time when you know that your big screen has a rare genuine opportunity to feel relevant. #Rio

There was nothing particularly eye catching in the bar menu, and by eye catching, we mean either unheard of daaru or cheap daaru. With all due to respect to our brave yellow dressed shuttler, there was going to be more than one Indian losing that night.

Yep, India fell short of the gold medal, but even the most hammered of souls on the night understood the historic extent of her achievement, which further meant that India had probably achieved something more special than a gold medal. We were subjected to enough ‘gold’ anyway, and we just couldn’t copa up.

Before we moved our asses out of there, we got complementary shots from the Copa management on account of the silver medal victory. I wonder what we’d have gotten if she had brought us the gold medal that night. We’d probably have gotten shit for choosing to watch history unfold in a damp hole.

Where? Anna Building, JVPD 13th road, Opp. Lotus Eye Hospital and Juhu Gymkhana, Vile parle, Mumbai

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