The sixth and the latest of the Socials, this one is loud and over the top in its décor and decibel levels, sort of an ode to the area it’s in – the very filmy Andheri.

 Entering this place will make you feel like Alice. From Wonderland, not in Chains

So last week, my friends, apparently ‘had enough of my cribbing about the places they take me to’ and wanted to take me to the newest ‘hotspot’ in the suburbs. Really now, they had had enough?

They took me to a Social. *insert straight face*

I mean, how original of them to take me to a place that, in the first place, started out at Colaba, and then call it their new hotspot! But honestly, there’s another reason why I have lately been avoiding any Social like the Plague – because after the first two, they all seem so similar, I could swear they were coming off an assembly line. But then again, here we were because the burbs clearly don’t have anything better to offer.

Situated in a, well I don’t know what it is really; it isn’t a mall, nor is it a standalone establishment; let’s go with building. So, situated in a building called Fun Republic (seriously, who came up with that name?), which houses a multiplex, other ‘burby pubs, and a McDonalds, is Fun Republic Social.

Entering the place will make you feel like Alice. From Wonderland, not In Chains. The door could almost pass off as the key-hole Alice goes through, it’s that tiny. The inside, I kid you not, is like Mad Hatter’s tea party met a Victorian tea house on speed – Large mirrors that make you wonder what’s real and what’s reflection, confusing doorways disguised as a crooked wall, and pink flowers on black wallpaper that’s so flowery, it seemed sinister.

As we sat down I realized what was going on. My bet is someone with a say at Social realized how similar they all were and tried to do this one different. Only, it backfired.

Anyhoo, just when I was getting used to having a drink at Johnny Depp’s house from the Victorian era, I spotted a poster which I’m sure ‘burbies would recognize better than the English décor style I was talking about – Andaz freaking Apna Apna

You know the episode from How I Met Your Mother where their illusions shatter and there’s that intense sound of glass shattering? That happened to me.

Well, things just went downhill from there. Except for a couple of the new concoctions, that is. The Thai Maalish and the Mick Jaggery were the only saving grace for the menu because the rest of it is THE FREAKING SAME as every other Social.

The final straw though was when the check arrived. What started off as 1700 bucks apiece quickly went down to 1100 once my friend pointed out the 2 grand worth discrepancies in the total.

I’m sure you can tell I’m not one to ever check the bill but after this, I’m contemplating taking a leaf out of my diligent ‘burbie friend’s book. Go socialise here if you must, but you definitely won’t be spotting me there anytime soon. Ciao!

Where? Plot No 844/4, Fun Republic Mall, 3rd Floor, Opp. New Link Road, Andheri West