When visiting Delhi import bars in Mumbai, you already know what you’re in for. Lord Of The Drinks seems to be an exception. Read on…

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am all snuggled up in bed with a good book when a friend calls. I obviously ignore. But it rings again and I answer with a sigh. Turns out my friend is in town for a few hours before her flight, and she wants to meet for a drink. So, when a friend is visiting from out of town and has just a couple of hours near the airport, you do what you wouldn’t otherwise. You go chill in Andheri.

On my way, I look for half decent places and land up at Lord of the Drinks (LOTD) mostly because of its name. LOTD is one of the many bars in one of the many crowded lanes in Andheri West.

When we got there, the outdoor section was closed, making it look like a family restaurant from the outside in. The inside though, was a different story. LOTD is a massive, well-lit, well-furnished joint with TONS of space. Though sparsely populated right now, I’m sure getting from one end to the other on a busy night must feel like an obstacle course. We sat ourselves at the far end of the place and when I turned to look at the bar, it ran so long I thought one half must be a reflection. It wasn’t.

After gossiping away merrily for a bit, we called for their house special Basilico and a Whisky Sour, together with a Thai Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls (INR 465) to nibble on. The drinks were expertly made, this much I could tell.


The Whisky Sour had the perfect consistency and kick with the slightest taste of egg, which otherwise can make or break a drink. The Basilico was the perfect fruity, refreshing ‘pick-me-up’ my friend was looking for. The portions too were impressive, but given the prices they charged for the fare, they better be.

Cocktails @ LOTD image for unsober review

The crowd was from the better part of the ‘burbs; people who preferred quality over just a rowdy place to spend their Saturday afternoons at.

With so many ‘restobars’ from Delhi making their way to Mumbai, one had grudgingly begun to expect them to be what Delhi stands for – loud, gaudy, and brash albeit with good food. But surprisingly, the sophisticated and classily done up LOTD is nothing like that. It’s the most Mumbai of all these Delhi places.

LOTD has got some good game, but the place is slightly overpriced for its location. And given how people could just walk into any of the adjacent fifteen bars, they need to give this a think. But after all it is one of the Delhi imports so false high standards are to be expected, no?

LOTD is good, but the book is better.


Cuisine: Multi cuisine
Food you must try: Thai Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls
Cocktails you must try: Whisky Sour
Kind of music played here: Commercial
Avg price per head: INR 1000 approx.

Header Image Credit: Zomato