I ordered some kebabs the other day, and they came to me in a bonsai-tree like bowl. I thought it was quite instagram worthy so I took a picture. Now that picture reminds me about how Myxx has ruined other bars for me for the rest of my life. Read to find out why…

This mix is too expensive to be this flawed

Myxx is like a shot to the face, bang bang. That’s what they call one of their tequilla shots. Bang Bang. And it comes with a gun shaped pouring utensil.

This place is Willy Wonka’s factory on acid, with fucking syringes and bulb bowls, and 3 feet straws and a voodoo doll head as a table companion. Also, who wants to participate in the shit show that is every arrogant Juhu-ite’s wet dream – Shitting on expensive bars?

Alright, alright, this place isn’t all bad. It’s a shit storm for sure, but it’s a pleasant one nonetheless, where you can have meetings and see something new and exciting before getting straight to the point – SIR WILL YOU ACCEPT MY PROPOSAL OR NO?

When “Sir” respectfully denies, it’s up to the person who does the sulking who ends up paying the bill at the end. Try it out, it’s fucking great. Hundreds of corporate biggies end up paying for plenty of these faaltu dinners and lunches just so their reps can patao clients. This is that kind of a place.

Now of course, you can only truly appreciate the beauty that is Myxx when you’re high as a mother fucker. That’s when the fog clears for the mist to appear and your waiter has the most beautiful looking blue-black jar filled with icy cold LITs with a whiskey sour next to it, dripping a chocolate kitkat.

Don’t go for the food or the drinks; go for the fucking experience once, and you can end up asking your client “Sir, is the Budget OK Sir?” And when Sir says “NO” for the third time, you can go use Myxxs’ beautiful restroom to drown your sorrows, and that’s that.

This is a fucking expensive place and really experimentally fuck-all if you consider the taste, but hey – it looks great and that’s the catch.

Where? Navaratan Apartment, Ground Floor, A.B.Nair Road, Near Juhu Post Office, Juhu

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