With a name that gives nothing away, I walked into O15’s Café with zero expectations to be impressed. But nothing could prepare me for what can only be described as a sausage fest going on inside. Read on…

Could do with a makeover, much like how Andy got one from Nigel

Picture this. Outside, the rain is coming down in sheets. Inside, I’m cozily bundled up in my mink blanket on my favorite futon, re-reading The Devil Wears Prada; expecting to spend the Friday evening in, with a bottle of Bordeaux for company. Just as I get to the part where Nigel decides to give Andy a much needed makeover; my phone rings…

It’s one of my friends from Andheri calling about a place called O15’s Café, and that I was supposed to be there by 9 pm. Despite the fact that I was slightly affronted because they assumed I’d be sitting at home with no plans (doesn’t matter that I really was), I agreed to meet them.

I genuinely thought heading to the suburbs to grab a drink with my friends would be better than drinking alone and reading about Andy and her shenanigans for the umpteenth time. Boy was I wrong…

Google Maps guided me to the place but there was no way I could have missed it – the massive, garish, neon sign on the building’s façade ensured everyone knew where O15’s Café was.

On my way in, I realized there was a noticeable paucity of the fairer sex in the smoking section that preceded the pub’s entry. Thinking that all of the ‘burbs’ ladies who looked down upon smoking were currently holed up here, I pushed the door open and scanned the place for my gang.

By the time I spotted my friends and settled down at the table, I realized that ours was one of the three tables that even had any girls at it. My accusing stare toward my friends as I ordered my Gin & Tonic was met by sheepish expressions and mumbled explanations about how they had never been here before either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against more guys than girls at a place. But if the guys in question are drunk out of their minds and getting rowdier by the second, I’m going to finish my drink that I ordered just to be polite, and walk out of the place, friends in tow. Which is exactly what I did.

Fraands, we have places like Gokul and Janta for a reason.

Where? 1st Floor, Rear Entrance, Mohit Height Tower, Andheri West

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