On a fine Thursday evening, a little research on Google landed us on Quench’s page, and we were absolutely blown by the whole ‘night happy hours’ deal. Hello there, drunken happiness. But only if life was that fair!

We believe that Andheri needs to be declared as a separate district. It’s bloody huge. Being a bunch of directionless (in everyday situations and in life) adults, we had to heavily depend on Google maps to reach the destination. Now here is the tricky part. There is more than one Quench in Andheri. And each of us ended up at a different one. It took us an hour or so to coordinate and figure out which one to go (we had already dreamed of all day happy hours). Quench might be the easiest title that you can come up with for a bar, but try harder.

Now, Quench is written like ‘Quence’ and that causes a bit of confusion. A host who looks pretty Mumbaikar and spoke a Mexican accent (why though?), welcomes you. The cafe bar, which is divided into an open and air conditioned section, was practically empty. The ambiance is all the more ambiguous. There are pictures of pop music stars on one side of the wall (we could only identify Bob Marley and Beyoncé, not because we are bad with faces, but because it’s that badly painted). They have chandeliers made out of empty beer bottles. One quote on the wall says ‘Alcohol is the Photoshop for mind’ and we just kept wondering how to make some sense out of it.

The DJ was good. He had the basic understanding of latest hits (lately, we have had a fuck-all DJ streak) and managed a good mix of EDM and house. Till our drinks arrived at our table, the music kept us in this. However, their TV screens kept playing another set of pop songs which gave us a hilarious trip once we were tipsy. Imagine a DJ playing ‘Closer’ while the screen showcases a bunch of girls running away from Justin Bieber.

We called for a round of Woo Woos (one on one at 420 bucks) which is basically vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice. Vodka and cranberry juice is a classic, and the peach flavor made it a little more vivid; we loved it. Four glasses disappeared in sharp four minutes. You could taste the vodka while feeling the soothing aftertaste of peach and cranberry. To be fair, this cocktail did ‘woo’ us over.

Woo Woo Cocktail @ Quench Andheri
Woo Woo Cocktail @ Quench Andheri

After falling in love with the first drink, we called for a ‘Between the Sheets’ which wasn’t even a little dirty. It was supposed to be brandy, triple sec, white rum and lime juice, but fell flat on its face. Heartbroken, we went back to beer which was 109 bucks per pint, so that was an emotional roller-coaster. We finished our order off with ‘Chicken Nachos with Cheese’ at 300 Rupees (funny name though. Nachos come only with cheese, OKAY?) and Paneer Skewers. Both turned out to be pretty mediocre. Also, their presentation gave us heavy ‘Social’ flashbacks.

Chicken Nachos with Cheese @ Quench Andheri
Chicken Nachos with Cheese @ Quench Andheri

It’s a nice cozy place to chill with a bunch of friends, but if your group is bigger than 4 people, don’t go here because their seating arrangement sucks. Also, some of their drinks are superb, while some on their menu appear to sound just plain boring. Choose wisely.

Which Quench did we go to?: 1, Bharat Ark, Azad Nagar, Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W)

Cuisine: Multiple
Food you must try: Finger food
Cocktails you must try: LIT Pitchers and Woo Woo
Kind of music played here: EDM, Pop
Is there a dance floor: No
Average Price Per Head: INR 1000