Went with family; Went out with family; Family paid the bill; because otherwise, I wouldn’t have enough savings to start my own. In fact, if I went to this Japanese restaurant too often, I’d become fucking broke. I’d rather save up and visit Japan for crying out loud!

A jazzy Japanese trumpet to blow your monies away

I’m not going to go down the predictable route and crack ‘Sushi’ jokes here. In fact, that’s all the Sushi you’re going to read in this piece…

As soon as we entered Ruka, we were like damn this is a nice place for going out and taking our uncles and aunts for a fancy ‘pseudo’ cool dinner. It is at that point that you also realize you’re surrounded by 500 shit-loads of grey. So if that’s not your favorite color, you might not receive the interiors too well.

Now, whilst we were waiting for our food, we got a small plate with 4 dumplings that tasted like rubber. Tasty rubber, but we couldn’t get ourselves to appreciate the coked up, coke line-esque food quantities – Single servings that we didn’t know whether to eat or snort. They were really, really tiny.

The interiors looked straight out of a high fashion catalogue and made us feel very chic, very NY, very LA and very bloated. The drinks came in fairly early, allowing us to gulp our hunger away temporarily.

You won’t belong to Ruka unless you have a stack of 20k in your front pocket. What! These days, you just need 10 pink notes in your pocket to stack up 20K, duh!

Is Ruka a place to go out with your friends for a great get together? No way! But you HAVE to try Ruka’s food once, or just go with the flow and order a lot of tiny food from the cheap starters list, topped up with  tequila shots that you might have to share with one another…

Will you join me then in blowing our monies into a massive pile of written literature when we open their menu, failing to recognize half the dishes there and just end up ordering rum, coke and some fries?

Where? 462, AB Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

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Sanchit has a keen interest in spirituality, and he doesn't need to drink to bring out his philosophical side. He loves exploring new places around town, and calls himself a connoisseur 'of all things clubbing' in Mumbai. He is a die hard lover of Gin 'n' Juice.