“An Irish man is the only man in the world who will step over the bodies of dozen naked women to reach for a bottle of stout”.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you read the above line is – Why the fuck would there be bodies of dozen naked women lying on the floor? Secondly, what place is this? And what’s a bottle of stout doing there?

The Irish House in Andheri West is a mash up of random as fuck copy written on their walls just like the one above, among other things. It’s almost like they’ve assumed that you’re not going to be in your senses in there anyway, so why communicate sense at all?

The entrance to The Irish House greets you with a host of vintage wall clocks, lanterns and photo frames dangling on a blue wall. *Wait, I came to drink, not for a fucking art exhibition*

Now, these guys have clearly invested a lot of their energies (financial and otherwise) on, what they would like us to believe, things that gives us ‘Irish’ feels. They’re probably taking advantage of 90 percent of the ignorant patrons who visit them with the sole purpose to get wasted…

This place repeatedly subjects you to whiskey casks in different shapes and forms in what clearly stands out as a rustic environment (that’s the farthest they went with their research on Ireland we think).

Just trying to recall the experience in our heads, and also reading what we’ve just ranted out above – you would’ve figured that the guys at The Irish House have packed in too many elements in this ‘themed venue’. It’s not like there’s even a method to the madness, because the chaos can get to you at some point… *Just get my drink, please?*

Then comes the alcohol, and you suddenly don’t seem to give a fuck about all the wall clocks and wall art. Then came the food, and then came the bill. Talk about burning a hole in your pocket, The Irish House ends up burning that wallet in your pocket…

The food and the alcohol here is like the food and alcohol in any high-end themed bar in Bombay. Expensive and taste-bud satisfying, but leaves you craving for more… *Anda Bhurji to the rescue!*

Our Irish brethren have started a ‘Protect Irish Whiskey’ campaign back in their country to save the integrity of their Whiskey. We are not quite sure, but they might start a ‘Protect Ireland’ campaign if they visit The Irish House in Andheri West.

Where? Level 1, Fun Republic, Off New Link Road, Andheri West