The Fun Republic building houses three distinguished and extremely popular bars for the typical Bombay bohemian. Staying away from all the attention, right adjacent to this building is a beer hole that doesn’t quite look like it wants to compete with anyone, simply because it seems happy playing its own “craft”. This, in spite of the fact that an overtly popular and bright ‘microbrewery’ competitor sits less than half a kilometre away, further down this demonic road. What’s with the word room and these microbreweries?  This, ladies and ladies, is Pump Room.

An Andheri microbrewery situated off a road that’s narrower than your butt crack

Picture this: You have a Jack Daniels, A Tuborg, An Old Monk and a bottle of the finest French wine placed in front of you on a table. What are you likely to choose first? You are most likely to choose the JD, or even the French wine for that matter followed by the Monk, right? *So fucking predictable*

When you choose a Tuborg over the rest, that’s equivalent to choosing Pump Room over the other wateriThe Pump Room - Andheri Westng holes that surround this microbrewery. It’s so micro from the outside, it might just go unnoticed.

So, these guys serve craft beer. If you’re a beer lover, you should know what I’m talking about. If you’re one of those losers who pretend to be one, then I just feel sorry for you…

Alright, picture this again: You’re bored of the same moves from either end, but when you’re surprisingly met with a new-ish move you don’t remember being treated to before – that’s how you feel when you enter Pump Room. Now don’t get me wrong, for this isn’t Hump Room. Just gauge the sentiment, will you?

The waiters, dressed in jump suits for some reason, welcome you with 4 different kinds of craft beer, served in cutting chai glasses. Uff… Looking back at what we just spelt out, we can’t seem to handle it…

Anyway, you’re likely to choose the one with seemingly, the strongest elements of beer – they call it Dark Vader.  Coming to the other three…  They tasted like, well… nothing really.

TThe Pump Room - Andheri West(1)he aesthetics of this place are impressive, and give you the feels you would want to accompany your beer with. A live orchestra on offer (the tunes of which we couldn’t hang around to experience), gives this place a nice touch.

Okay, what else? What else? Oh yes… You’re likely to encounter some firangs here (If that makes any difference to you at all). Hey come on, for a change, you’re not sharing a bar with only sexist, regressive, over the top fellow Indians… *Yes, we’re all the same*

You know how people in Andheri West love making fun of Andheri East? Well, if Andheri East has Pump House, Andheri West has Pump Room. You can decipher whatever the fuck you want from this sentence… #OkBye

Where?  Kotia Nirman, New Link Road, Andheri (W)

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