Leaves you asking the question -“So where’s the terrace?”

Contrary to what the name suggests, this place lacks a terrace. Like a real one. You are called the Terrace, so why not have one, yeah?

If you have two invitations to have free dinner and booze on the very same evening at two seemingly “nice” places, what do you do? That’s right, bitches. Go to the more expensive one! So, it was either a birthday party at Zoo Bar or a nice classy dinner at The Terrace. You can judge me all you want; I obviously kissed the birthday party goodbye without any regrets whatsoever.

Placed at the heart of Juhu, The Terrace, on the first floor of Spare Kitchen, is quite fancy. Supposedly another one of those hookah joints, this place has long, narrow tables on one side and beds and cushions on the other (real comfy, you can fall asleep). The bar counter is transfixed in the center of all the shoo-sha, and rightly so. Nothing soothes your eyes like staring at alcohol that you can’t afford.

We had a reserved table with enough leg space (thankfully) and one could literally contain their entire body in those huge wooden chairs.

From stupid finger chips and unbelievably creamy dips to pathetic chicken starters, their menu kinda strikes a balance between mediocre and good. Food comes real quick, so unlike many other classy eateries, you won’t have the urge to bite the waiter’s ears off. Don’t try the butter chicken risotto though (yeah, I know, it was a rookie mistake!). They have an impressive alcohol and cocktail menu, but I could only see people drinking Bira (kids these days, I tell ya!)

There is only one unisex washroom for which I had to have an inch by inch internal struggle with my bladder since someone decided to chill inside for 15 minutes. I had to play with the toilet seat too for… obvious reasons.
Waiters walk around with burning coal to heat the hookah, often creating a spark or two, literally. I found it all dreamy and Hollywood-ish until one spark caught my fucking hair. It was a bloody rip of scream Queens after that happened.

The super sweet guy who stands by the door will thank you each time you step out, even if it is for a smoke. The rest of the restaurant staff are quite the charmers, too.

They should probably get their AC’s serviced since it gets really warm in there within minutes. You serve hookah, you better keep the temperature at 18. Otherwise it’s fucking hell!

I have no idea why the place was so dark. I mean, it’ not a shady theater showing boring movies so that people can do their thing! Please brighten up the place, pretty please?

Finally, this place lacks a terrace. Like a real one. You are called the Terrace, so why not have one, yeah?

Where? 1st Floor, Hotel King’s International Compound 5, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

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