I have a confession to make. I think I’ve found true love. No, really. I think I’m in a relationship with Treesome Café.

Judging from my opening line, I think we can safely assume that I have the hots for this hidden gem of a place in Versova. Located where Amigos first resided, The Treesome Café gives the neighboring WTF a sure as hell run for its money.

The large tables and spacious placements show that the people behind this joint are realists who know that tables must accommodate more than elbows, a phone and half a dish. Also, they serve food on massive granite slabs (What can I say? They made the most of the nearby construction work).

“Today We Rage”, Treesome’s motto, is a sign in alluring gold cursive lights, that’s just begging to be uploaded on Instagram. So go ahead and click a drunken selfie with it. Don’t lie, I know you want to. Narcissism is cool now.

The Treesome Café surely bleeds blue as is evident from their two mothers of all other cocktails, Blue Shark and Bull Frog. Both these drinks should be renamed ‘Happily Ever After’; they taste like great sex in a BMW. Don’t ask me why.

Psy (remember, the singer?), may or may not be dead but his legacy lives on in the form of the Gangnam Style Chicken here. (No, he wasn’t a chicken. He had a song called… never mind). Add to this the Wasabi Fish Fingers and the Onion Rings and you’re sure to leave this place happy, threesome or no threesome. Oh, was I not supposed to say that?

The place is lit up like one of those flea markets. You know, lighting that technically lights things up but you cannot really SEE anything? But is pretty AF? That.

To be honest, you’re drunk; your friends are drunk… I’m pretty sure the bartender is wasted too. #Tohdekhnekokyahai? Just bottom it up!

The inside turns into one big party post 10:30 PM and everyone’s invited; just stay away from the DJ’s console, he’s really touchy about it. No, I mean the REAL console… the one he works on. Why are you smirking, you dirty mind?

To cut a long story short, head here with your squad and plant some happy trees! And by trees, I mean memories. Or don’t. Who cares? I’m already 3 Blue Sharks down.

Where? Jewel Mahal Shopping Center, Bungalow Rd, Ratan Kunj, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West