Casa Vito is one of the rare places in Bandra that’s not the best place from the inside, but absolutely gorgeous on the outside. You can stand, sit, have your corner (because of the round shaped dome) and enjoy the sights and sounds of this cozy little place. You take a lift all the way to the top (similar to BSE Bandra), and then you get off to a tough and rugged security man who’s there to kick the kids out. Seriously, this place is one of the few that really doesn’t allow under 25 to enter, so you can have a great time with a relatively more mature crowd.

As you enter this place, completely ignore their inside sitting area because it looks real shady and noisy, and head over to the outside for the vibrant ambiance. There was a live music performance happening when we went, and it was simply just the place to be at that point of time.

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The service staff was great; they’re helpful once you get their ear. I’d recommend sticking to their starters, burgers, and fries, without really venturing into their main course section. We had their Veg burgers, their onion rings and some fries, which were all decently priced at between 200-250 INR each. Not bad for a long night out. The food looked great, it smelled good and the quantity was pretty decent considering the price.

Their sizzlers are decent, but their other main course items are not. In fact, a sizzler there cost us around 350 after taxes, and it looked better than it tasted. The drizzle of the brown sauce over the steaming rice and the Veg patty with char-grilled veggies, was more than we could take.


They have live performances, gigs and the occasional offers on weekdays, but all in all, it makes its way into my list of favorite places in Bandra because of their ambiance.

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The best part about this place is their MRP menu, which means you can get beer for less than 150 bucks, and other liquor for less than 80 bucks. If you’re like me and you love Gin, get their Blue Riband for 20 bucks only. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT – INR 20 pre-tax. Insane, right? That’s why I love Casa Vito. It’s the perfect pre-game spot before heading over to another place to go clubbing. For those who like it fancy – Sula starts at INR 120. All this till 10 PM. It’s better than Happy Hours – Casa Vito is a way of life.

We wanted to try their shots worth 600 bucks (yes they have them too), but refrained in the end. ‘Hunter’s Jungle’ and ‘Chak De Phatte’ were some of the names of these shots, for anyone adventurous enough to try.

To round it up:

Cuisine: Indian, Continental, and Fast Food
Food you must try: Paneer Burger + Coleslaw, Onion Rings and Fries
Cocktails you must try: Stick to the standards – beer and whiskey
Kind of music played here: DJ EDM, Trendy etc.
Is there a dance floor? (Y/N): A massive one in the center
Avg price per head: Around INR 1000 with