The Elbo Room (thanks Chunky Pandey) was an amazing outlet when it first came opened a decade ago. It was always buzzing with crowd, great wine was flowing, and it was quite profitable as a venture. A funny name and a lovely vibe made the place a big success. After what felt like ages, I visited this place again. I didn’t hate it at all, but it just didn’t feel the same. It was just an average deal – nothing more, nothing less.

This place is still mid-priced, so here’s a tip – go during the happy hours and have their cocktails without caring too much about the quality of what you drink until 7 PM on a weekend. Order their fries (INR 250) and the Four Ways Cheesy Poppers (INR 370). Because Cheese + Caprioska (INR 500)= Awesome!

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The staff is pleasant, but the ambiance is nothing to write home about. The music here is decent, and the crowd is pretty much dominated by family and bachelor parties. The place is always full though. It had developed a way to become a regular spot for many Bandra folks in the area, and it still has it.

You should sit inside to take full advantage of their AC room. It’s a setup similar to Copa in Juhu, where the vibe inside and outside is totally different. However, unlike Copa, The Elbo Room isn’t really on-point where it should be, or used to be.

Their Margarita Pizza (INR 350) is quite good. Surprisingly, their veg food was quite decent and not too oily or fried. They usually play Bollywood and trendy music, and it’s a good place for a casual dinner before you head out for drinks. Because their cocktails are on-offer till 7 PM, it’s a good way to begin your night of drinking.

Elbo is not like it used to be, but it still has just about enough to make it worth the visit. Quick service and cheap drinks, and more importantly, a place where there’s finally some ‘elbow’ room to sit and relax.

To round it up:

Cuisine: Finger Food, Continental, Italian
Food you must try: Elbo’s Special Veg Burger (Highly Recommended), and Margarita Pizza
Cocktails you must try: Stick to their beers and wines
Dance floor: No
Avg. price per head: Around INR 1000 with a drink

Header Image Credit: The Elbo Room Facebook Page