By no means a ‘Dark Horse’

Similar in look and feel to any watering hole, this place has a quintessential Colaba snooty feel. Also, it was the first time I met Miss universe Sushmita Sen.

So our darling Sush wanted to be left alone, but because we behaved like persistent ass holes, she sweetly agreed to chill with us. We ended up sharing some witty banter, and made her come out of her comfort zone as well. Ah celebrities, so shy!

The music was good, and the place is tight, but nothing spectacular to write home about. There’s a pool table somewhere out there for office guys to stand beside, drink beer and talk numbers. Blah. So typical!

Now this is just the kind of place where the prettiest, snootiest girls in Mumbai descend upon every weekend. But Alas! Don’t be surprised if you’re met with blank faces or duck ‘selfie’ faces wherever you look. Such is Mumbai night life!

Aaah! Isn’t there a better way of enjoying the night? Isn’t there a better way of being yourself, and enjoying what all there is to be offered in the universe? At least a decent sound track or an entrance song whenever guests come in. How epic would that be?

So we got drunk and danced till 2 am. I picked up some chick, put her on my shoulders and stood on a table. Inappropriate much? You should’ve been there and you would’ve felt otherwise. The entire place then starts screaming their lungs out with lyrics of Summer of 69, as it began playing in the background.

We went to relieve our bladders and saw a whole place lit up near the mirrors, only to realize that it was the women’s restroom. It was a magical place where time stood still, and words refused to hold their ‘horses’. It made us feel alive again, with our wits swinging in the air all over again!

This place is actually quite close to the Kala Ghoda area, so it was fun to walk around after we were done, with cops giving us the stink eye and despair as well.

It was a wonderful time, but it also made us feel that we never wanted to go back into the mosh pit that was 145. Didn’t you read what I did with the drunk chick on my shoulder?

One time watch. Twice is too expensive and done to death. Happy Drinking everyone!

Where? 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort