Barring all the fancy fine dining rooftop situations and the dark shady charm of pubs in South Mumbai, 1Above is perfectly placed as a great rooftop chilling spot in Lower Parel.

So this place feels snobbish, but absolutely gorgeous when you enter. However, you quickly realize that the food and drinks here are similar to what you get anywhere in any restaurant. It hovers around in the 400-500 INR range of food and their pizzas are worth a try, especially the Classic Margarita (INR 420 + tax).

We wanted to try their Spaghetti and their pastas (INR 450 + tax) and thought that we would next time – just so we can try this place out again when it’s not too crowded. It reminds you of Shiro’s with its artsy décor and experimental food choices.

1Above image for unsober review

The best part about this place really is its open-air atmosphere (kind of like Jio Garden) and its performance focused, musically inclined vibe. Apart from that, there’s nothing that’ll make me Uber all the way to Lower Parel and have some mediocre Indian food with some shitty EDM music. I miss Velocity. 0 charm, but whatta place to just hang out.

Did we get hammered there? Hell no. Did we want to? Of course! But the damn prices mixed with the sweaty overall appeal made this place a nine out of 20. It was like visiting someone who’s just got a botox job. Everyone knows you got some work done on your face. You can’t be smiling and grinning when there’s nothing to smile about.

The place was jam packed when we went, and we even managed to spot some TV stars and Instagram models (paid). After a while, we saw some entertainment at the venue and sat down on the chairs missing Novotel’s sea view restaurant.

When the time came for the bill and the taxes added up, we realized where they made their margins – in the service tax. We also had something called a Gold Whiskey Bar (INR 450 + tax) which was a pretty unique finger licking desert option.

This is a trendy and fashionable place, but it lacks in substance really. No bang for your buck. It’s a place where you bring your date and check out some live performances if you’re not too busy. Apart from that, there’s nothing above and/or beyond about it.

Where? 1402, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
• Cuisine – Multiple choices – Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc
• Food you must try – Classic Margarita Pizza, Nachos & Tandoori Paneer starters
• Cocktails you must try – Sangrias are delicious there. YUMM
• Kind of music played here – Jazz, Light Pop, Live performances, EDM sometimes
• Is there a dance floor? (Y/N) – Sort of – It goes live near the tables after 12
• Avg price per head – Rs 850 with a drink

Image Credits: Zomato