There are nice days when you find a roadside food cart that serves crazy good food for peanuts. Then there are neutral days when you find an expensive place that serves good food, so that the burn in your heart and the good taste balances things out. And then, there are days when life is a bitch and every decision you make is wrong including the joint, the menu and your sheer presence in there. Days that can only be better with alcohol. 

Where the only thing that can drive away your ‘blues’ is cheap beer

Being a twentysomething is hard. Very, very hard. There are like 200 choices to make each day, and you are clueless about each one of them, literally. For instance, where to eat? Uh oh, tough choice – anywhere fancy, tasty, filling, full-bar available and pocket friendly. But frankly, what are the chances?

After a lot of research (read googling), we found Bombay Blue in Lower Parel that somehow looked fancy and cool in the pictures (power of filters is finally affecting my relationships). It’s placed inside the uber cool Phoenix mall. So why the hell wouldn’t we check it out?

This place is like our fuckall love lives only. No stability whatsoever. I have seen it half empty on weekends and shit crowded on a weekday. So, making a reservation definitely helps. We walked in without a reserved table and we were asked to wait for 15 minutes. Worry not, because you’re in the shrine of retail fashion. Go around, take a walk and buy 211 things, but you will still be asked to wait more.

The music is non-existent, which sorta makes the bullshit that’s going on at other tables pretty audible. The lighting is a tad bit too harsh too. You can try and subtly convey this to the management by wearing sunglasses for a good 10 minutes, but they just don’t take you seriously.

The waiters are like John Snow. They know nothing and are perfectly capable of acting incapable. They don’t give a fuck about you being there. So go ahead, chill, don’t order anything for 40 minutes. Nobody cares.

Their menu design is trippy as hell. You have to see it for yourself, it’ll easily pass of as a Nucleya album cover. They run cool offers on beers every now and then. So beer lovers can come and drink shitloads, just so that they can stand in a super long queue to pee.

The food here is a little bizarre. Call me old school, but I don’t understand ‘Chicken Tikka Salad’ or ‘Tandoori Subz Sizzlers.’ I am all in for fusion food, but this is certainly not my plate of food.

50% of the people go there for their nachos and that says a lot. But since it’s inside phoenix, next to a painstakingly precious Noodle Bar and stinky McDonalds, this might just be your last option when you are there.

Where? Skyzone, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Road, Lower Parel