What strikes you when someone says Prabhadevi? Expensive as fuck property?  Or Siddhivinayak Temple *Bell rings*? Are you kidding me? Bappa over all the other siyappas, people! It’s obviously the beautiful temple. I being the dumbfuck that I am, actually thought of going to a place right opposite the temple, thanks to my reckless love for Non-veg and alcohol. Read on to know how the fancy babe in me managed to survive from being Garnished.

There’s only so much that you can garnish when the product is messed up

We found Garnish right opposite Siddhivinayak circle. I admit it, my broke ass was being too lazy to leave my delightfully nice and comfortable bed to go out with my friends on a Sunday evening. If only I had listened to my ass and stayed put…

We get that the space crunch issues that comes with being in SoBo, but this place is just really, really tiny. I tried sitting in all the awkward positions I know just to fail miserably, and you probably wouldn’t have found a more flexible and shameless customer in there. The chairs aren’t big enough, the table will be full with two dishes and four glasses, and each of you will accidentally keep touching each other under the table, because, fuck!

If you are on a blind date and having bad/hair/skin/face day, you can confidently go in here. The lighting ensures that you can’t see each other. Also, if you have a giant ego that requires all the attention, don’t go here. The waiters here might give zero fucks about your existence and goddamn bruh, that hurts.

Their washroom area can’t accommodate more than one person at once, but that’s the only place with decent lighting; so selfie obsessed bitches can have their share of fun and yoga in there!

For a place named garnish, their food turned out to be blunt as fuck. Also, none of their chaknas live up to the mark. They have affordable drinks in there. But have some creative chaknas also please, come on, what’s this asshollery? Drinking five larges of rum won’t burn a hole in your pocket and that’s the only relief. However, their Kali Mirch tastes like holy mother of spices, amaze balls with beer.

In a nutshell, when in Prabhadevi, visit Siddhivinayak and go back to your respective homes. This place legit ain’t worth the money. Unless you are planning to drink the whole place and throw up in Worli sea face.

When? John Louis Mansion, VS Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai