On a Saturday evening at 4 PM, my friends and I had an uncontrollable urge to drink our asses off. We hadn’t had a rough week or anything; we just really needed to drink. We weren’t completely sure why, but instead of grabbing half a dozen pints, we took off to Light House Café Worli. Oh boy, how we wish we had just grabbed the pints. Read on to know why…

It was one long-ass walk from Worli Seaface, and to make matters worse, Google Maps totally confused us. So by the time we reached the café, we were dying to sip on something cold. Opening the huge door was a task in itself, and the security just stared dead at one of us struggling with it, by giving zero fucks. We were moved. Such welcome, much wow.

The bar and café was divided into two, both looking not very different. However, the outside section felt no less than a furnace, while the inside had decent air-conditioning, but obnoxiously loud music. So, choosing where to sit was a little tricky. It was either getting drenched in your own sweat or not having a conversation. We chose the latter.

Inside, the waiter was quick to hand us over the menu. Actually, he was a little too eager. Again, can’t blame him. There was no one else to hand anything to, anyway. So we found comfortable chairs as we held their huge menus. We sat down, and called for multiple beers and a Watermelon Sangria. Jerk Chicken was our choice of starter and it was selected without much argument (not because we all agreed, but because it was really hard to hear anyone over the music. Some of us might have wanted enchiladas or calamari. Who knows?)

Watermelon Sangria at LHC Worli
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Their service was prompt, but the server couldn’t help but spill our drinks. Now we wouldn’t have cared if it was coffee or tea. This was daaru, and we weren’t happy. The Sangria tasted almost fine, and that was due to our sheer love for watermelon. We could barely taste the wine or the brandy; it was mostly very fruity. The beers saved the day as we were already paying 325+ taxes for the Sangria that was as good as a mocktail. The Jerk Chicken came with a side salad and it wasn’t too bad. But it still wasn’t spicy enough to take the fruitiness of the Sangria off our taste buds.

PC: MouthShut.com

Once our system was immune to the loud music, we started having normal conversations. One and a half hour later, we had a waiter by our table asking if we needed anything more. We took this as their not-so-polite signal to fuck off, and left. We still struggled with the door on our way out, while the security guard continued to stare at us. Life had done a full circle.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine
Popular Dishes: Chicago Style Pizzas, Breakfast Menu
Cocktails to try: All basic cocktails at affordable prices, Herbed Beer and Cocktail Indiana
Music: Pop (No dance Floor)
Average Price Per head: 1800 for two

Header Image Credit: Zomato