Luca opened up last month at the ever popular Todi Mills. We entered this place at around 9:30 pm, when it was about half full. We ordered some food and tried a range of their expensive drinks, but despite having a good time, we’re not sure if we’d be back here again. Read on…

There were about 250 of us hustled inside this tight spot, but not for once did we feel it was stuffy. The walls, decors, and the ceiling were rustic as fuck, and the overall ambiance had a silly charm about itself.

Interior image of Luca for Unsober Review
PC: Zomato

We started off trying their veg food (INR 350-500)– and ‘blah’ is the only word I can think of, to describe it. But hey, their pork and chicken totally made up for it. Every time the bartender tried to make us a funky concoction, we said “don’t screw it up” in our heads and he inevitably screwed it up. But after sticking around for a good couple of hours, we eventually became friends with the dude. Nice guy.

Cocktail image @ Luca for unsober review

We had their Blue Lagoon and their Margarita which retail for about INR 300-350, but they weren’t anything spectacular. We couldn’t resist but switch over to something traditional like a Bira. Rest assured, cocktail making is an art that’s lost here.

At the end of the day, we were there to have fun. So we danced and grooved to their music, while flirting with firangi models who showed up wearing 6-inch heels. We tried to hook up our single friends, but alas, Luca lacks a private-cozy vibe. It’s too out in the open and not enough alone-time areas like a Tamasha or a True Tramm Trunk. It’s just a wide art-space converted into a bar and lounge.

Luca is still very much fresh, and check it out while it stays in the ‘newly opened’ category of online listings. But be prepared to enter your name in the guest-list, rub shoulders with fellow patrons you might not like, and smile politely while the waiter brings you your food and drinks.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong about this place, and I even told the people who run Luca (when I was 3 Whiskeys, 4 Morgans and 3 Biras down) that their place has super potential.

To round it up:

Cuisine: Indian, Fusion
Food you must try: Olive Tikka, Pork Sliders
Cocktails you must try: Whiskey Sour, Pina Colada
Kind of music played here: Fusion of techno and elevator music
Is there a dance floor?: It’s just a massive dance floor – a MASSIVE one
Avg price per head: Around INR 1500 with a drink

P.S: Luca is hidden inside the passer-by spots between Summer House and Sweetish House. Say hello to Akash @ Sweetish. Nice guy, brings you cookies at 1:30 am.

Header Image credit: @LucaMumbai Instagram Page