So much space, and yet no space!

Social is everywhere. And I strongly believe that it’s the idea of affordable comfort and luxury that keep them going. Anyway, Mumbai has way too many places that have spent butt-loads of money to create a fucking awesome ambiance, and they serve anything from nimbu pani to ‘Dead Man Walking’.

On a Saturday, when a brainless jerk of a friend is crying on your shoulder for some silly thing some fuckboy told her, what do you do? You take her to the coolest place around. Before you label me as the bloody amazing friend, what happens when all the cool places are full and way out of my budget range? We take her to the one and only, *drum rolls* Social! Where else would my fancy soul, whose purse is now lighter than ever find solace? Todi Mill Social, Bitches! We didn’t have to make a reservation. (We tried, honestly. But they don’t take reservations post 8 pm. Lame!)

If you don’t know the geography in and around Todi Mill, you may feel like you are entering an eerily shady lane filled with pimps. I had to convince my inferior, suburban friends multiple times that we are on the right track. 2 Rupees people, I tell you!

The ambiance is a little creepy. You may either get industrial vibes or jail vibes, and we being the crime-obsessed bunch, went with the latter even though websites told us otherwise. The place is crowded as hell, and you may have to wait for hours, very well not having a table by the end of night. You should probably grab some ‘chakna’ at the bar counter so that you don’t starve to death.

They have a DJ who captures a 17-year old’s tastes. Each track he played gave me major junior college vibes and the petty me loved it. Do not wear heels; for those ruthless things might ruin your back forever since it’s super hard to find a place to sit. They don’t let you sit on the floor either. *Hello, I am dying here. My ass needs a place to chill!*

The waiters here look fuck weird! They are way too good looking and well-spoken for that, I mean, come on!

From the 7th place in the wait list, I moved to 2nd by 1.30 am, and we had to leave with no food. God bless the Tandoori vendor in Parel who saved the night with his leftover meat, so that I lived to tell my tale. With gigantic cocktails and no food, we would have been throwing the fuck up all around SoBo if it weren’t for the blessed soul.

But then I realized that I only spent on one cocktail, so the broke babe in me is all smiles and secretly thankful for the no-table fiasco.

To feel like you are lost and wandering in the lanes of a haunted ground, topped up with feeling like a Lilliput in front of the tall and pretty waiters, head to Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel

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