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Five Aperifits Every Home Bar Must Have

If you are someone who loves cocktails and its varieties, you must be aware of aperitifs aka additions to cocktails that can drastically change...

5 Bottled Cocktails You Can Make At Home

Gone are the days of coming home and going through all the trouble of creating a cocktail just to be able to put your...

Easy-To-Make Campari Based Cocktails For Beginners

When you scan through an above average bar menu, you can be sure to find a few cocktails that are Campari based. Now, as someone...

Negroni Week: 5 Exciting Recipes To Celebrate With

The Negroni has a reputation for being rich, versatile and one of the favoured drinks of bartenders and customers alike. So it's no wonder...

Summer Cocktails That Are Tailor-Made For India | #TheSummerChill

If you aren't dreading getting out of your house after 8 AM these days, you aren't human. It's so incredibly hot and it feels...

Strange Origin Stories Behind 5 Cocktails

Of course, everyone wants to be known as a cocktail connoisseur but do you really know your mixed drinks if you don't know the...

Boss Women Bartenders We All Should Know About

Women all over the world are totally killing it. We have fierce actresses who aren't afraid to call out the horrible kingpins of the...

Newly Launched Happening Indian Bars You Must Hit This Summer

If you aren't a big socialiser who gives in to the peer pressure of hanging out every weekend at new and happening bars, there's...

5 Celebrities Who Used To Be Bartenders

While bartending takes a high level of expertise, it's also a job to get by on while working towards your passions. Since not everyone...

5 Disturbing Shots You Should Make For A Mortal Enemy

I'm not one to shy away from trying unconventional foods and drinks but I am also a firm believer in not mixing mayonnaise with...
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Five Cocktails To Try At Bombay Canteen

Winning the Top Restaurant Awards in December 2018, Bombay Canteen has earned their wings with their exclusive take on cocktails and their...

3 Popular Beers at Doolally

Top Rated Gastropubs in Mumbai


Ariess Café

There are times when bars in this city leave you pleasantly surprised, and there are most times when they offer nothing new, leaving you...


The Bombay Canteen

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